Organizational Design


McKinnis Consulting Services offers strategic advisement to support the adoption of best-practice revenue cycle organizational design to drive a culture of accountability, with the mission of efficient billing and collections while ensuring a positive patient experience. Organizational design is a keystone of not only successfully integrating multiple enterprises, but also in standardizing and consolidating key operational processes within an organization.

Management Structure

Establishing a sound management structure is critical to the foundation of a best-practice revenue cycle. McKinnis Consulting Services partners to ensure the appropriate functional alignment is in place for your organization.

Accountability Governance

McKinnis Consulting Services believes that superior revenue cycle performance, optimal patient experience, and employee satisfaction are all byproducts of a clearly defined, metric-driven accountability platform. Only through the institution of key performance indicators and supporting policies and procedures, can stakeholders within the revenue cycle can be positioned for success.

Labor Management

As one of the primary cost drivers within revenue cycle operations, labor resource management is crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line. McKinnis Consulting Services employs a policy-driven approach coupled with EHR functionality to obtain greater levels of resource efficiency.

Nonlabor Management

Through a defined management process, strategic partners can be a component of any revenue cycle looking to achieve a high level of performance while maintaining a low cost to collect. McKinnis Consulting Services assists clients with developing their relationship management platform.