EHR Support Services


McKinnis Consulting Services has a proven track record when it comes to partnering with clients to realize the return on investment related to Electronic Health Record (EHR) conversion. MCS has the ability to leverage experience and best-practice revenue cycle strategies in all phases of system adoption from platform selection through post-live optimization.

Advisory Services

In making the choice to adopt a next-generation EHR platform, a provider is not only updating software, but undergoing a complete operational reconfiguration. McKinnis Consulting Services brings the expertise needed to successfully coordinate the change-management process; aligning resources, reengineering operational processes, and leveraging technology capabilities. An overview of our services include:

  • Preconversion strategic planning
  • Implementation resource planning
  • Operational resource planning
  • Third-party system selection and alignment
  • System design and workflow validation advisement
  • Development of management reporting tools

Project Management

Successful project management related to EHR conversion is contingent on the ability to coordinate technical and operational resources to align outcomes. McKinnis Consulting Services has a capable team that is able to provide support every step of the way.

Conversion Testing Management

McKinnis Consulting Services provides a focused approach on testing critical revenue cycle areas that are often overlooked in the standard conversion plan. Our approach focuses on transparency to executive leadership, ensuring support for key decisions regarding go-live timing. Focus areas include:

  • Charge testing
  • Claims testing
  • Remittance testing
  • General ledger testing

Financial Risk Mitigation

In preparation for conversion, McKinnis Consulting Services employs a defined methodology to identify key stakeholders, create a collaborative communication structure, and determine key performance thresholds; ensuring that organizations are aligned for success in the following functions:

  • Charge generation
  • Revenue reconciliation
  • Clinical and patient access revenue cycle integration
  • Discharge not final billed management
  • Claims submission
  • Account follow up
  • Payment posting
  • Denial management

Metric Management

McKinnis Consulting Services provides “at the elbow” support for client partners during the go-live conversion phase. With a proven track record, MCS is willing to guarantee industry leading results within the metrics critical to sustaining business viability; this includes putting a proportion of fees at risk to ensure value proposition. Focus areas include:

  • Revenue capture
  • Prebill edit management
  • Claims submission

Post-conversion Optimization

After go live, many clients have difficulty prioritizing the efforts required to realize the gains available from a next-generation system conversion. McKinnis Consulting Services partners with clients to execute optimization plans to realize available gains within the system and staff productivity, as well as revenue capture/loss avoidance; including:

  • Break/fix issue identification, scoring, and prioritization
  • Assessment and management of optimization opportunities
  • System upgrade management
  • IT communication models